Quintessential Lawyer Quits Kada Cinema Limited to Begin Private Legal Practice

Quintessential Lawyer Quits Kada Cinema Limited to Begin Private Legal Practice

In an interview granted to us, Benedicta told our correspondent that the decision to quit her job at Kada Cinema was informed by her desire for continuous growth and self-development, particularly with reference to the legal profession.

“My job at Kada was a bit tasking at first, but in a few months, I got used to the routine until I began to get bored, hence my desire for something more challenging, intriguing and fulfilling.

No doubt I have midwifed a number of innovations and superintend over several successful projects, I still feel the urge to utilize my legal skill-set and creative mind in a purely legal environment”, Benedicta said.

Upon further probing, the young legal mind told us her job at Kada limits her as she is unable to offer her services to various persons and businesses that are in need of her legal expertise.

She has given her best to the company and it was time to pursue a career growth in active legal practice.

“I am pursuing a career in entertainment and corporate law. There are a plethora of growing businesses I intend to offer my services to, and I believe, in the next couple of years, these businesses will take the front burner in Southern Nigeria. In the last few years, I have been instrumental to projects like OWAS Invasion, LIKIBA Gone Crazy, GBEGE the movie, Mad House Premiere and movie release and a host of others. I have also, on behalf of my company, partnered with Edo State Government in programs like Edo State Gender Based Violence Committee organized by Her Excellency, the First Lady of Edo State, to enlighten the public and bring an end to gender based violence in the state, The maiden edition of The Edo State International Film Festival (ESIFF), Employer Stakeholders Public-Private Dialogue organized by EdoJobs, Group Discussion on the Edo State Employment and Labor Law Market Analysis (ELMA) organized by GIZ Nigeria, Skills Development for Youth Employment (SKYE)-Promoting need-based Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Youth Employment in Nigeria and Edo Jobs Centre Employer Engagement Session organized by EdoJobs and etc.

I believe it is high time I pick up my wig and lawyer on!

Barr. Benedicta can be reached via Benedictaoseoboh@gmail.com

Culled from an exclusive interview granted to Legal Phronesis.

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