Practice Areas


We have extensive experience in all areas of Criminal Law.
Well-equipped to provide legal consultation and representation against all criminal charges. Our clients benefit from our astute advice and professional service.


We comprehensive understanding of the local mining and resources sector and legal requirements, including the operating environment, commercial profit drivers, and the social and political issues that face mining and resources companies.
We handle resource exploration, development, and production. We provide legal services to assist with:

• Capital raising and project financing;

• Conducting due diligence of tenements, approvals, and agreements;

• Regulatory requirements;

• Contract negotiation and documentation including memoranda of understanding, joint venture agreements, strategic alliance agreements, farm-in agreements, sale, and purchase agreements, option agreements, royalty agreements, access agreements, and commodity agreements;

• Operational contracts including mining and construction contracts and other services, equipment and consumable supply, transport and handling contracts;

• Finance agreements with security over mining assets;

• Marketing, distribution, sales representation, and off-take contracts;

• Infrastructure projects, access, and construction agreements;

• Liaising with the relevant government departments in all necessary jurisdictions



Our work involves compliance, change, and innovation as we act for a wide range of parties involved – including employees and sponsoring employers.
We provide legal advice across all the service areas in Pension matters, effectively.



Our expertise in this practice area ensures an up-to-date, accurate legal counsel specific to matters arising in the sports industries, such as:
-Negotiation of rights agreements in sports deals
-Commercial advice for sponsorship deals of athletes.
-Use of image rights to any region of the world;
-Tax advice for performing or competing overseas; or
-Intellectual Property advice and registrations anywhere around the world.


We act for many of the top Charities both in and outside Nigeria.
We have in-depth knowledge of Charitable Organizations and the laws governing their activities. Our extensive experience in this area gives us insight into many of the practical issues facing charities and non-profit organizations.
We also realize that there is a direct correlation between philanthropy and business growth, so we guide you on how to turn your company’s Philanthropy/Corporate Social Responsibility into an engine of growth for your business.


We have vast experience in Land Law and Real Estate Law including Mortgage and Complex transactions, Construction Projects Law, and Joint ventures and Property Development. We handle the entire property life-cycle, from acquisition and development through to letting and disposal.
We assist them with:
Major acquisition and disposals
Creating, administering, and selling down all types of joint ventures and fund funds or other holding structures
Supporting through obtaining planning for and implementing developments, including construction and environmental matters
Letting, sale, and leaseback arrangements
Real estate finance, including commercial mortgage-backed securities transactions
Real estate tax structures
Real estate aspects of restructuring and insolvency work, including enforcement of security
Real estate outsourcing.


We assist foreign investors in procuring Expatriate Quotas, Export License, and all due diligence with the Nigerian Immigration Service, Ministry of Trade, Nigerian Investment Promotion Agencies, and other statutory bodies.
Our services also include Labour practice entails us rendering advice to clients on a broad range of labor issues including trade union regulations, private sector pension schemes, and retirement benefits; staff negotiations, employment contracts, and employment protection.


We assist in all Family Law matters including Wills, Divorce, letters of Administration, and Probate Matters, Child adoption.


We believe that as a Commercial and Civil Law Firm, employing Alternative Dispute Resolution on Commercial and Civil Matters saves time than resorting to arduous and long Trials. We believe your time; greatest business interest and quick resolution of issues are the highest Client value that we can provide.


Our firm has for several years been regularly involved in aero-political, regulatory, competition, and privatization matters. We have developed professional relationships with regulators and government officials in the industry which we use to assist our clients to accomplish their commercial goals. We leverage our diverse practice and multiple geographical locations to deliver effective and efficient services to our clients.
Our expertise covers corporate, commercial, transactional, structured finance, senior and subordinated loan sale/leasebacks, and, dispute resolution matters. We structure and manage complex cross-border, multi-jurisdictional and domestic financing. We represent all segments of the aviation industry including airlines, leasing companies, airport operators, aviation logistics services providers, aerospace manufacturers, financiers, aviation insurers, repair facilities, and regulators.


Our firm is regularly consulted on corporate/project finance matters for projects in the oil, gas, telecommunications, manufacturing, and aviation sectors. We advise on financing structure, subordination and credit issues, tax aspects of transactions, and regulatory approvals/compliance issues. We assist our clients on such issues as investment and divestment, foreign exchange remittance and restrictions, recording and disclosure requirements, taking effective security whilst minimizing costs, and insolvency.
We represent lenders and borrowers including leading international financial/lending institutions, brokerage, and investment companies, and other financial institutions.


Our experience spans a broad range of transactions ranging from initial public offerings, Eurobond issuances, rights issues, investment funds, private placements, custodial arrangements, and derivative transactions.
The firm continues to be very active in representing clients in respect of Capital Market related disputes at all levels of the judicial hierarchy.


Our team of skilled and experienced lawyers has consistently demonstrated an ability to deliver clear, fair,k, and timely responses to client’s inquiries. The team members also bring a firm grasp of commercial realities to bear in structuring and documenting transactions.

We offer a wide range of corporate and commercial law services, including due diligence, company secretarial services, and incorporation of companies, our firm also has an impressive advisory portfolio traversing such diverse issues as corporate structure, corporate contracts, corporate governance, regulation of corporations, the organization and mode of subscription of capital, transferability of shares, the composition of the board and management, labor, compensation, staff welfare, and pension issues and finance.



Our firm’s expertise covers legal, regulatory, and policy issues as well as commercial and fiscal matters that arise in oil, gas, mining, power, and renewable energy transactions. We provide advice on energy and utilities finance, energy mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, electricity, and gas transmission, distribution and supply, power purchase, off-take, and tolling arrangements, We conduct legal and entry due diligence about the acquisition of commercial assets.
We have significant experience in virtually all matters relating to the mining sector. We are conversant with the special issues that arise in mining investment and the advanced techniques for structuring mining transactions. We prepared the draft of the current mining legislation and have advised our clients on various legal and regulatory issues relating to exploration, mine development, and mining operations. We have also provided legal support on several mining acquisitions and joint ventures.


We regularly advise on matters relating to talent acquisition, corporate contracts, project finance, and corporate structuring concerning organizations in production, publishing, talent promotion, and management. Our services are structured in a manner that we can assist with a wide variety of artists; ranging from emerging talents to renowned acts.
Our services cover assisting clients in obtaining rights to musical compositions and sound recordings in commercials, stage productions, television, movies, and all other forms of media and entertainment.
Our firm assists clients in the film and television industry in drafting film and distribution agreements, procuring relevant licenses and permits, and protecting their intellectual property.
We have a strong team of specialists who prepare and negotiate agreements with record labels, television, and motion picture studios, music and book publishers, merchandisers, distributors, and a myriad of other related transactions.
We assist clients in the protection of their copyrights and trademarks through registration, licensing, and enforcement. We specialize in protecting artists’ rights on the world wide web through domain name protection, takedown procedures, negotiation, and litigation.
We also have extensive experience in prosecuting trademark applications with the Nigerian Trademark Office, representing clients in trademark disputes before the Trademarks Tribunals, and working with foreign trademark counsel to secure and protect trademark registrations overseas


Our environmental practice range from representing clients in regulatory matters, permit proceedings, due diligence investigations, litigation, and a variety of corporate transactions. We advise on emissions trading, carbon reduction, and clean development projects.


With digital innovation driving an unprecedented shift in financial services, we offer a full range of legal services that FinTech innovators need to develop and adapt products and services namely, crowdfunding, e-payment platforms, cryptocurrencies, digital banking, and peer-to-peer lending.
Our FinTech team supports clients, ranging from investors and start-ups to established financial institutions and technology and telecom companies, involved in the FinTech sector. We also advise companies that partner or invest in FinTech companies and financial institutions and asset managers that develop FinTech products and services. We regularly advise on the interaction between technology, data use, and developments in financial regulation.
For a comprehensive understanding of financial products and market infrastructure, we develop and maintain strong relationships with FinTech industry groups. We also have unparalleled regulatory insights that help us keep abreast of the business and digital strategies of our clients while leveraging on our strong team of lawyers with prior regulatory, government, trade association, and in-house expertise to keep abreast of evolving regulatory, policy, trade issues and related trends.
The firm’s collective expertise ensures that clients receive pragmatic commercial advice that will help develop data-driven, scalable, secure, and compliant FinTech solutions.


Our expertise covers power generation and distribution projects, roads, ports, transit, telecommunications, oil and gas, aviation, waste management, and railways. We assist

Community Outreach

Access to justice and equality should be available to all members of society. We are committed to impacting positively through our Community Outreach Services. Our dedicated team of legal professionals and community advocates work together to address social justice issues and empower local communities. We strive to create a more just and equitable society for all through our community outreach initiatives.
Our Community Outreach Services:
Public Legal Education: We believe that knowledge is power. Our public legal education initiatives aim to empower individuals with essential legal information and awareness of their rights. We conduct workshops, seminars, and community dialogues to educate community members on various legal topics.

Social Advocacy Campaigns: The Outreach team organize grassroots mobilization and bridges the gap between the law firm and the local community. They actively engage in campaigns to raise awareness about pressing social justice issues and advocate for marginalized communities rights.

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