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Some Successful Recoveries

Godwin from Warri

When I and my siblings lost our father, it was quite tough to get some of his entitlement from his company but with help of barr. Maxwell a Letter of Administration was obtained and all his entitlement including his funds in his bank account were released to us. I do not know what the situation would have been if not for the advice and intervention of the solicitors.

Femi from Ondo

After our father died over nine years ago, my elder brother was the one managing the property of our late father but he refused to render account on our late father’s estate. We requested through our solicitors for the partitioning of the estate. After much resistance from my elder brother and legal battle, the estate of our late father was shared among us equally.

S.Fatima from Benin

Thank you so much talktoalawyer For recovering all my outstanding debt from my debtors. At a point, it seemed impossible to recover my money. I thought my money was gone but with your help, I have recovered a substantial amount so far. I do not know how you did it but thanks

M. Kelvin from Yenagoa

My wife and I are grateful. Since we got married we have not been able to contract our marriage under the marriage Act because I could not formally dissolve my previous  marriage with my ex-wife. After 22 years the previous marriage had been dissolved finally and my wife and I are now formally and legally married..

Y. Sule from Kaduna

The Judiciary is indeed the hope of the common man. I used to be disillusioned by that statement until I benefited from it. The judgment I obtained from the Fundamental Human Right action/suit against the Nigerian Police is truly gratifying.  Thank you.  

Mr. Clifford from Owerri

Initially I regretted using my money to build houses with the hope that I would make it a means of livelihood when I retire. But what I experienced was different because tenants refused to pay rents for over one year and they left my property in poor condition when they leave. However, since I was advised on the best approach to take property management by your firm, now I can rest easy and tenants now pay their rents on time.

Charles from Lagos

Since I gave the management of my property to my solicitors, my property has been well managed ever since. Thank you for your timely response to my situation.

T. Sheyi from Abeokuta

My landlord unilaterally reviewed my rent upwards. But with a letter from talk to a lawyer explaining the legal implication of his action, my landlord is now put in check.

Hon. Amed Gusau

Your prompt advice and counseling helped me to bring my election petition matter to Court before the Statutory time limits and your team amazing performance in Court. Thanks for the victory.

Mrs. Chika from Ikeja

Thank you for helping me with the adoption of Joseph, finally I am now a mother

Sule from Kano

Thanks a lot for helping my father prepare is Will, now, we won’t have any issues with sharing of our fathers property after his demise

Udam Ponzi from Jos

The registration of my company was so easy and time-saving. Thanks, Maxwell.

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